Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Native American Cinderella and our dreamcatchers

We shared some Native American stories, including a version of Cinderella called 'The Rough-faced Girl'. Both the story and the pictures were really different to the other versions we had read.  

We watched a short video of a storyteller sharing a traditional Native American tale. You can watch it here.

We learnt about the importance of dreamcatchers in Native American culture. They believe that if the dreamcatcher is hung over the bed the good dreams will be caught and will slide down the strings and feathers to the sleeper. Meanwhile the bad dreams get caught and held in the net and disappear with the light of day.

We made our own dreamcatchers. 

Cinderella stories

We have been reading different versions of the Cinderella story and before the Christmas holidays we can look forward to reading one or two more.  These are the versions we've shared so far. Which was your favourite Year 2?

Dreamtime stories

As part of our IPC unit called 'Stories People Tell' we have been sharing stories from around the world. Including from Australia, where the Dreamtime stories are a very important pGoogleart of Aboriginal culture. These stories are often about animals and nature. We listened to one about a frog called Tiddalik. Here is another version of the story for you to share at home. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stories People Tell

In our IPC topic we are learning about stories. Old stories, new stories, stories from around the world, fairytales, true stories, myths, legends...
This week we have been especially interested in the Cinderella story and have read lots of different versions from countries around the world.
Cinderella is a very popular story in our class but maybe you have a different favourite fairytale. Please take a moment to fill in our survey.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pass The Blog

This week we are taking part in Pass The Blog. Click here to find out what we have been doing.

Pass The Blog