Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our finished wax resist pictures

A few weeks ago Miss Ash posted some photos of us working in art using a technique called wax resist. This is where you draw using wax crayons and then paint over the wax with a wash of black ink. The wax and ink do not mix and so most of the ink sits on the surface. The paper that is not covered with wax absorbs the ink and the paper turns black. Here are our finished pictures.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Follow-up work from Beauville

We had very stormy weather for our night of camping in Beauville. We used our memories of this experience to write a group poem. Here it is:
Storm Camping

Dripping rain whispers
Drumming rain beats a fierce song
Raindrop bullets
Wet and annoying on our way to the toilet
Growing deep squelchy puddles
Like floating tsunamis

The tent
Cosily warm in our sleeping bags
Reading books in bed
Torch shadow play
Whispered conversations
Stories from teachers
Clambering bodies
Sleeping teddies

Strong tents
Sapphire shelters
Our forcefield against
The wild wind
Which flapped the windows
Blowing helicopter gusts
Outside in the dark
The stars cowering behind the clouds.