Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog 29th Feb 2012

Today we have been involved in this project.

Our blogging entry was a list of 29 wonderful things about The International School of Toulouse.

We have a class mascot.
We have a climbing frame.
We have 20 mins of Golden Time on Friday where we can choose a fun activity.
We have assemblies where we learn things, sing and see what the other classes have been doing.
Our school is big and it has lots of children.
Our school teaches us good manners.
We have lots of computers.
We don’t need a black board because we have an interactive Smartboard.
We have bricks and construction materials to play with.
We have PE inside and outside.
Our pitch is big and can be used in all weather.
You learn lots at our school.
Mrs Bain is our headmistress and she is very kind.
We have ER (independent silent reading) for 15 minutes every day.
We have a blog.
We do cooking with our teachers.
We have a reading corner with cushions.
Gabi looks after us when we hurt ourselves.
We do art lessons.
We eat delicious food in the canteen and we can choose our own puddings.
If it is wet play we have lots of games to play in class.
Pupils at IST are kind, clever, fun, hardworking and we want to learn.
We can take books home from our brilliant library.
Everything about our teachers is great.
Big Write is fun and helps our writing get better.
Our school subjects are interesting like science, IPC and maths.
We go on fantastic trips.
The doors to our classrooms are open.
Phonics at our school is good because we play games, work things out and write silly sentences.

Maybe some of the Y2s will click on the picture link and write their own blog entry on the 29thFeb site. Rememeber you can write about anything that interests you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maths - 3D shapes

Today in our maths lesson we made 3D shapes.We made cubes, cuboids, triangle-based pyramids, square-based pyramids and triangular prisms. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

IPC Entry Point- Structures

Our new IPC topic is about structures, so we collected up construction kits, packs of dominoes and cards from around the school and we got building!

Mexican Monty

Monty had a great time in Mexico. With Cristina's help he told us all about his adventures, which included making salsa and eating it with tortillas. We all love his new Mexican hat. Do you know the name for this kind of hat? Do you think Monty looks handsome? 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Holidays

One week of our two-week holiday has passed. Did it go quickly for you? What have you been doing? Perhaps you have been skiing or on holiday somewhere? Can you write a comment to let us know what you have been up to?
Monty is in Mexico, with Cristina. I wonder what they have been doing. Do you know anything about Mexico? Can you use what you know, or find out, to guess what Monty has been up to?
Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Maths Week

On Monday we didn't go to school because it was very snowy. In school there was a maths week that started on Tuesday. It was all about measuring and it was fun! 
On Thursday we were sorted into our houses: Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald and Ruby. We did different activities with different teachers. With Mrs Patrick we measured the pitch with a wheel to see if an A380 plane could be parked on the pitch. It could! If we were kind or we worked well we got some house points. 
Today we had a maths assembly and found out that Ruby house were this week’s winners of the House Cup. 
By reporters Maria and Mimi

Monday, February 6, 2012


In class we read 'Pants' by Giles Andre and Nick Sharratt. Their funny book inspired us to design our own pants. Which ones would you wear?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Day

School is closed for a Snow Day! How much snow have you got where you live? Can you go out in the garden or on the balcony to measure how deep it is? When you have measured post a comment with the measurement. Who has the deepest snow?
I measured 5.6 cm in my garden.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Assembly

All week long we have been working on our assembly and it was really fun. Today (3rd February) our parents and families came to watch our assembly. We all arrived at school wearing outfits from our Home countries. Lots of us are from Spain and the Spanish girls came dressed in traditional Spanish dancer’s dresses. We started with a fashion show. The music was called Around the World by a group called Daft Punk. It had a funky beat.


In maths we have been learning about multiplication. We did it with pictures to help us. We each drew different pictures and used them to invent our own multiplication problems. We would like to do it again with different pictures. PowerPoint was a good way to present our problems on the computer. We found out that we could count up in ‘lots of’ to answer multiplication questions. We learnt that 3+3=6 is the same as 3x2=6.