Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog 29th Feb 2012

Today we have been involved in this project.

Our blogging entry was a list of 29 wonderful things about The International School of Toulouse.

We have a class mascot.
We have a climbing frame.
We have 20 mins of Golden Time on Friday where we can choose a fun activity.
We have assemblies where we learn things, sing and see what the other classes have been doing.
Our school is big and it has lots of children.
Our school teaches us good manners.
We have lots of computers.
We don’t need a black board because we have an interactive Smartboard.
We have bricks and construction materials to play with.
We have PE inside and outside.
Our pitch is big and can be used in all weather.
You learn lots at our school.
Mrs Bain is our headmistress and she is very kind.
We have ER (independent silent reading) for 15 minutes every day.
We have a blog.
We do cooking with our teachers.
We have a reading corner with cushions.
Gabi looks after us when we hurt ourselves.
We do art lessons.
We eat delicious food in the canteen and we can choose our own puddings.
If it is wet play we have lots of games to play in class.
Pupils at IST are kind, clever, fun, hardworking and we want to learn.
We can take books home from our brilliant library.
Everything about our teachers is great.
Big Write is fun and helps our writing get better.
Our school subjects are interesting like science, IPC and maths.
We go on fantastic trips.
The doors to our classrooms are open.
Phonics at our school is good because we play games, work things out and write silly sentences.

Maybe some of the Y2s will click on the picture link and write their own blog entry on the 29thFeb site. Rememeber you can write about anything that interests you.


  1. Hello everyone - how lovely to see the list of all the things you think are wonderful about your school. It certainly sounds like a special place to learn. I am going to show Woodpeckers your list tomorrow so we can see how many things are the same on our list and what things are different. We found it hard to only have 29 things on our list - I bet you did too!

  2. Well I know that 29 is an odd number and it can not be shared. 29 is to an number that is not evry munth but evry 4 years its a leap year. Maria

  3. Hello everyone.
    Woodpeckers looked at all your thoughts about your school today and they decided that so many of them were the same as our school. Aren't we lucky to learn in such brilliant places!
    But we wanted to know what Big Write is because we don't do that.
    We also did not know what IPC stands for.
    We also have a kind headteacher - his name is Mr Staricoff and Woodpeckers think he is very funny too.
    Woodpeckers think that our school is big too, although Mrs Bowers says that it is actually quite a small school compared to some other infant schools in Brighton.
    We don't do ER but we did think that it sounds like a good idea.
    It has been fun comparing what all our quadblogging friends added to the 29th Feb blog.

    1. Hello The Woodpecker class,
      IPC means our topic, which topic are you doing this week?
      I see that you have lots of pets!

      From Mimi at IST

  4. Hello buddies, your school seems very similar to ours. We are trying to build our stamina with our reading. You are doing so well to read independently for 15 minutes! Room 4 loves phonics as well. We use Bendaroos and they are fun. Have you heard of them? They are strings covered in coloured wax so that you can bend and twist them into different letters. They feel good to use. Thank you for sharing some of the great things you do at your school. It was fun to read.
    From Room 4 and Mrs. Kolenberg at Craigburn P.S.

  5. All the teacher's are nice and inteligernt and know a lot of things. Maria

  6. Hello year twos! I loved reading the 29 wonderful things about your school. It shows how although our schools are probably quite different, there are lots of things about them that are the same. We also have cushions for reading and do big writing. We have an interactive whiteboard and climbing frames outside. Although we don't have a door to our outside area yet, we are really hoping to get one soon!
    I enjoyed learning things about your school from you! My children will look at them on Monday.

    From Miss BB at Roydon

  7. Hello, the things about our school are magnificent. I think our school is the best . Love Isabel at IST

  8. I like the climbing frame and learning with computers.
    From Miguel

  9. Hello Year Twos! I love reading the 29 wonderful things about your school. Some of the students in my grade assisted the class next door with their activity on the 29th Feb website. We had 29 students wearing 29 values for a better world on their t-shirt. You can check out their activity on 3/4GB's kids Speak Blog:
    From Miss Dickson

  10. Hello, I like the pitch and the assembly. Gustavo

  11. Dear Year 2, what a great idea these 29 sentences describing what you like best about IST and your class!
    You sound very happy with your school, it is wonderful!
    I was wondering (like Mrs K) what Big Write was ?
    Does it mean that you write in big letters, or that you write a lot ?
    I would be delighted to find out a bit more about it ?
    Bye for now!
    From Cécile, Alicia's mum

  12. Hi im JJ from oak class at st Kathrens school savernake forest. I wood like to say that we have 30 munits of golden time and we have two class mascots called Bazzil and Blaz.