Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday afternoon at Beauville Arts

There's been a lot of hard work today. Getting those dance routines right:

We were really ready for lunch!

And now we're starting to put it all together on stage:

More words about the day

 Alicia – I loved the day because it was fun.

Nathan – I like camping and the dancing and acting.

Lukman – I liked to paint and singing.

Charlotte : je m’amuse beaucoup, on peut jouer. C’est chouette de faire un spectacle.

Noémi : on peut faire de la peinture, fabriquer beaucoup de choses. Dans la tente on pouvait dormir en haut ou en bas.

Gwendal : c’est bien parce que je m’amuse bien, j’ai aimé faire les chants.

Mai-Ly : j’ai bien dormi, je me suis bien amusée, j’aime bien la danse.

Jonathan : j’aime quand on a fait de la peinture. La tente c’est chouette !

Louise : j’aime parce que je suis avec tous mes copains.

Jauffrey ; j’ai adoré la tente, on s’est bien amusé avec mes copains.

Olivia : j’aime quand on danse et quand on chante !

Julie : je trouve que c’est très bien le camping et j’aime beaucoup dormir dans le duvet.

Ludmila : J’ai aimé Beauville et je me suis beaucoup amusée avec mes copains.

Pierrick : J’aimais faire les activités et j’ai bien aimé m’amuser avec mes copains.

Maëly : J’aimais les activités et les animateurs.

Tuesday morning

 All was well. There were chips.

There was the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (English and French):

 And then to our tents, and time to read for a few minutes before sleeping:

What a rainy night it was! But the tents were strong and almost all of us slept well. Now we're up and packed and we've had breakfast:

And the day has begun, with more dancing...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dancing and singing

A few words about the day...

Sean            Jonathan   Clare    Nicholas

I asked the children for a few words about the day...

Maria - It was a good day and I loved dancing and singing. I enjoyed the gouter and especially the cake.

Jacques – We’ve done lots of dancing and music. I enjoyed it all.

Niamh – It’s been a great day. I wish we could do more. 

 Isabel – It’s been a super time today and I liked the singing very much.

Claudia – I liked the whole day especially the dancing and singing. 

 Pablo – I wish we could stay more nights and our dads and mums could come here and we could put on the show! 

Sanika – It was fun! I like the art lots. The hardest thing is to say the words in the play.

Miguel – The beds in the tents are really cool! 

Mimi – I liked the art painting lots. The hardest thing was the singing – learning all the words.

Gustavo – it is an awesome idea to sleep in the campsite! 

Olivia – This day has been very fun, but I still have energy to eat my dinner. Hope to see you again! 

Tino – The funnest thing was playing with Jacques.

The tents:

The restaurant - now:

Dancing, singing, painting

How hard everyone is working! There are lots of words to learn, for songs and acting. There are dance moves to learn.

And there is scenery to paint. Rocks for Ali Baba's cave:

A fine collection:

Arrival at Beauville- Let's dance!

We have arrived! And it's not raining.

Now we're in the Salle de Fêtes, dancing and singing already!

Babaka blog

Here is the link to the Babaka blog where you can find photos and information about our trip. http://www.beauvillearts.com/2012/babaka

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pablo and Tino's story telling

Olympic Torches

We have been learning about the tradition of lighting the Olympic torch at Olympia in Greece. In groups, we designed and made our own Olympic torches for the London Olympics.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Olympic Mascots Link

On Friday we had an assembly from Mrs Baldwin who visited Greece during the Easter holidays. She went to Olympia (the site of the Ancient Olympic Games) while she was there. During the assembly she showed us her photos of Olympia and taught us about how the Ancient Greeks used the different spaces and buildings. 
We saw pictures of the torch lighting ceremony. Did you know that the torch is lit using rays from the sun? Then runners take it in turns to carry the torch on a journey around Greece before it goes on a plane all the way to Land's End, UK and eventually to London.
Back in class we looked at a short video telling the story of the 2012 Olympic Mascots. The story was made up by one of Miss Ash's favourite authors, Michael Morpurgo.
Here is the link to the website
Here is the video: