Saturday, May 12, 2012

Olympic Mascots Link

On Friday we had an assembly from Mrs Baldwin who visited Greece during the Easter holidays. She went to Olympia (the site of the Ancient Olympic Games) while she was there. During the assembly she showed us her photos of Olympia and taught us about how the Ancient Greeks used the different spaces and buildings. 
We saw pictures of the torch lighting ceremony. Did you know that the torch is lit using rays from the sun? Then runners take it in turns to carry the torch on a journey around Greece before it goes on a plane all the way to Land's End, UK and eventually to London.
Back in class we looked at a short video telling the story of the 2012 Olympic Mascots. The story was made up by one of Miss Ash's favourite authors, Michael Morpurgo.
Here is the link to the website
Here is the video:


  1. I saw the film of the olimpiks mascot and I like when the mascots were doing olimpik games. Gustavo

  2. I like when the man falls to the pool

  3. The mascots' story is a very good one! Carrying a torch all over Greece and everything must be very tiring!

  4. Hello Year 2,
    My class have written how the mascots were made. Maybe we could come and read some of them to you? What do you think Miss Ash?
    From Mrs Patrick

  5. I like the little mascots because they were really cool. Mandeville look like Harry Potter and I like the rainbow where the twins were on. I've been in London when I was 5 years old but I would like to go again to see the olympic games. Bye, bye, Mickey

  6. Swimming is great fun!
    No matter if you are young or old, fast or slow you can all try, its a good Olimpic Game.
    Swimming is an good game at summer.

  7. You know what they use for the Paralympic Athletics? Javelin, Athletics vest,Athletic shorts and Relay baton.

  8. The last message was from Cristina