Monday, May 21, 2012

A few words about the day...

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I asked the children for a few words about the day...

Maria - It was a good day and I loved dancing and singing. I enjoyed the gouter and especially the cake.

Jacques – We’ve done lots of dancing and music. I enjoyed it all.

Niamh – It’s been a great day. I wish we could do more. 

 Isabel – It’s been a super time today and I liked the singing very much.

Claudia – I liked the whole day especially the dancing and singing. 

 Pablo – I wish we could stay more nights and our dads and mums could come here and we could put on the show! 

Sanika – It was fun! I like the art lots. The hardest thing is to say the words in the play.

Miguel – The beds in the tents are really cool! 

Mimi – I liked the art painting lots. The hardest thing was the singing – learning all the words.

Gustavo – it is an awesome idea to sleep in the campsite! 

Olivia – This day has been very fun, but I still have energy to eat my dinner. Hope to see you again! 

Tino – The funnest thing was playing with Jacques.

The tents:

The restaurant - now:


  1. Hi Sanika , have lots of fun and enjoy. Take care of your health and wear a sweater in the morning. It's cold and windy.
    We miss you but we're having a party.
    Love papa.

  2. Wow - what a busy day, it looks like you had so much fun! Goodnight to everyone, especially to Olivia & Niamh from your Mums & Dads and sister & brother xxxx
    From Olivia's Mum

  3. Chantez, dansez, amusez-vous !!! On espère que vous n'aurez pas trop froid cette nuit... Que de beaux souvenirs !!! Bisous à vous tous et surtout à notre petite princesse. Thanks a lot for all these beautiful pictures and video. Have two nice days !!!
    Sandra (maman de Maëly)

  4. I loved sleeping in my tent (ocèanie) but I heard the rain all through the night. It was funny because the rain came down hard. I was behind Piera and I was the last to get up. And I was one of the first to get dressed because the other girls were chattering but I was concentrating on Tuesday morning. And thank you all the teachers who came to Beauville for taking me it was fun . From Alicia

  5. It was super cool but I had to wake up Piera I wanted to stay one week but even I had to sleep with Isabel but then I slept well and my tent was called OCEANIE.maria

  6. Those tents look very comfortable!

    Miss Ramaker