Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our finished wax resist pictures

A few weeks ago Miss Ash posted some photos of us working in art using a technique called wax resist. This is where you draw using wax crayons and then paint over the wax with a wash of black ink. The wax and ink do not mix and so most of the ink sits on the surface. The paper that is not covered with wax absorbs the ink and the paper turns black. Here are our finished pictures.


  1. I liked Irene's picture.
    Becouse it had very, very, very beautiful. Nice paterns I really liked it alot, and the bricks had primary brown colors

    love Cristina in IST,Y2!

  2. thank you Cristina yours is very beautiful

  3. that is rrreeeaaalllyyy cool dude!

  4. I like the pictures. from Campbell for swannanoa

  5. great wax crayon work. from jaredjones swannanoa school room9

  6. BEAUTIFUL Mate!!!!!!!

  7. Cherry Tree Class have been looking at your pictures:

    I like how you drew the bricks says Jack

    I like it how you do all the details says Thomas

    I like them because they are all neat says Elliott

    I like all the colours says Kyle

    I think all your pictures are colourful says Chloe

    I like your patterns says Millie

    I like them because they are very colourful says Josephine

    I like the artwork too says Roman!

    Keep it up! says Cherry Tree Class

  8. Those pictures look very cool.From Liam w.-Swannanoa School

  9. I like your pitchers
    and how you drawed them

    from bonnie swannanoa school nz