Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello boys and girls,
Can you believe we've been on holiday for one whole week already? Has it gone quickly for you? Have you been busy?
I've been catching up with lots and lots of friends. I've been to the beach, paddled in the Ari├Ęge (do you know what it is?), visited Animapark and seen fireworks for the 14th July.  I've even had time to read some books and do some gardening!!
Would you like to do some story writing this week? We missed the deadline for the last 100 word challenge but perhaps we could have a go here, on our blog?
This is the prompt for you to write about
… this was no ordinary ice cream…
You can post your story as a comment. I'm looking forward to reading your ideas. 
Happy holidays,
Miss Ash


  1. I have gone to Madrid I seen my granparents. That day I went for a sleeping over in my cousins house. On Saturday I went with my cousins to the Corte inglesto buy a book then in after noon we went to the swimming pool. After I stayed again. The next day my Mum, Guillaume, Pablo, Manu, Grandparents, Iker, Maria camed for launch then we did a dance and we went to the swiming pool I stayed again. All the thigs we did we went to the zoo we buyed a toy! by Maria

  2. One day I was eating an ice-cream. Suddenly a fairy poped out of the ice-cream.
    Then I realized it was not an ordinary ice-cream. The fairy guided me to a huge place where the fairies lived. There we went to a wing boutique and I got cute pair of colorful wings. Next we went to a clothing boutique where I got some dresses to buy. Then to a shoe shop, we bought sandals. After that we got a huge ice-cream. We found a button on the ice-cream and we pressed on to the button.
    And......FIRE WORKS began.
    Since then it was my favourite ice-cream.I named it a CREAM OF ADVENTURES. Every time something new pops out and guides me to a different place where I can do some adventures.
    You should also try this ice-cream.
    THE END.

    1. Hi Sanika,
      What an imaginative story! I especially like the idea of a special button on your ice cream to set off a firework display.
      I would certainly like to try this amazing ice cream! AND I'd like to read about some more of your ice cream adventures...
      I'll see you next week.
      Miss Ash

  3. Dear evryone
    On Saturday the 14th of July we went to Paris.On Sunday we went to Mamie's house and me and Noah stayed there for 2 nights without Daddy and Mummy. On Tuesday at lunch time we went to a Chinese restaurant and it was nice. At snack time we went to Le jardin du Luxembourg and we saw my Mum's cousin.On Wednesday we went to a friend's house.Finally on Thursday
    we went to a Museum and we had an activity. After that we went to see
    the Eiffel Tower.It was fun in Paris.Love Alicia

    1. Hello Alicia,
      Thanks for sharing what you have been up to. Paris is one of my favourite cities - you are very lucky to have your Mamie there.
      I wonder if any other Y2s (soon to be Y3s) have visited Paris this summer.
      Well done for blogging.
      Miss Ash

  4. Dear everyone On Sunday I went to Asturias/Andrin. we had a fantasic time. In the partys we throwed like a kind of snow. Pablo

  5. Hello, this summer I went to a chinese restaurant and for pudding we ate an ice cream. In the ice cream popped up a dragon, it was no ordinary ice cream:)
    Bye Micky

    1. Hello Miguel and Gustavo,
      Here is Gustavo's comment which I could not publish in the normal way.
      "Hello everyone, I was eating an ice cream and it was disgasting because it was a spider, it was no ordinary ice cream.
      I will see you soon. Gustavo"
      Gustavo, I wonder if there was some kind of spell on this ice cream?
      Miguel, I would like to know more about the ice cream dragon. I am picturing a Chinese style of dragon like the one that danced during the Babaka play...
      See you in school this week.
      Well done for looking at the blog and for commenting.
      Miss Ash

  6. Hello everyone, I was eating an ice cream and it was disgasting because it was a spider, it was no ordinary ice cream.
    I will see you soon. Gustavo

  7. On the 10th of July,I went to Burma and bought and ice-cream.Then I realized the ice cream was yepping and out jumped a Alsatian puppy wich leaded me to a world with puppies of all kind it was called Marley Bone.Next the puppy draged to a puppy mall and I bought T-shirts and trosers.After a never let the ice cream melt again. I hope you liked it

    1. Hello Mimi,
      I hope you've had a good holiday. Well done for visiting the blog and for your story? I like the surprising and intriguing line, "Then I realised the ice cream was yelping".
      See you on Thursday when you'll be back at IST as a Y3!
      Miss Ash

    2. Hello Mimi,your story was very good
      see you back in IST.