Monday, September 17, 2012

Same blog, different authors!

Our first week in Y2 was very busy. We drew and painted pictures to show something that we have enjoyed learning to do recently.
We played maths games with partners.
We met Monty and he even went home for the weekend with Noemie. 


  1. Well done for settling in so well Y2!
    Miss Ash

  2. I liked the way you made smiley faces with the counters!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like the way all of you all got a way to say a part of the song and it it mad it really cool from jared Swannanoa School NZ

  4. Hi, we are wondering who Monty is? Is he your class toy? We have Aussie who is a koala toy that was given to us. Each day 1 student takes him home and writes a recount about what they get up to together.
    From room 9 Swannanoa School

  5. This is the first time we have visited your blog:

    Who's Monty? Says Max

    I like how you played Maths games says Millie

    I liked your paintings says Chloe

    You have got lots the same as us says Lucy

    How old are you all? Says Jack

  6. Hello cherry tree class and Mrs Darling we play the same games as you and are happy to be yore bloging buddes we are a class of year 2's and 3's called oak class.

  7. Did you do any topic work or science?