Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our IPC topic is 'A to B', which is all about transport and we are learning about forces in science lessons. So we made paper aeroplanes and explored which ones flew the furthest, the fastest and we even discovered that some could do stunts! By changing the folds on our planes we could make them fly differently.

Do you know any good designs for making paper planes?


  1. Hi year 2 class,
    We really like your paper aeroplanes. We want to make aeroplanes too just like that.
    From Alexa and Sebastian at Holy Family Primary School, Australia

  2. Hi year 2's

    I like your planes. I can make planes too and different tyeps. I think your grade made great planes. I enjoyed looking at your pictures.

    By Kini in Holy Family Primary School

  3. Hi Year 2,
    I like the paper planes you made. Did it take you a long time to make them?
    From Sam at Holy Family