Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays

We are now on holiday from school for two weeks. Happy Christmas to everyone at IST!
What are you planning for the holidays?


  1. We are going to Ibiza island and Barcelona.For christmas I have bought a chritmas tree and I have decorated it with balls, little snowman and a golden garland .I will also collect some photos of Indian dresses and of other countries as well for our next topic.


  2. Hi Sanika, Well done for your interesting comment.
    It should be nice and warm in Ibiza, so perhaps you'll get to visit the beach.
    I have got a Christmas tree too and it's decorated with lots of beautiful fairy lights and baubles.
    I love Indian fabric and outfits so I'll look forward to seeing your pictures. Did I tell you I have a salwar kameez that I wear sometimes to my Bollywood dance class?
    Perhaps you can comment again and tell us about your trip to Ibiza and Barcelona?
    Miss Ash

  3. Hi Year 2! Hope you are enjoying your holidays so far. Yesterday I went to the cinema (Utopia, in Tournefeuille) and saw a great film that I know lots of you would enjoy. It was a French cartoon called 'Le Tableau' which means 'the painting' and it's about characers inside an unfinished painting. It is a good adventure story and the drawings, in particular the colours, are really beautiful.
    Have you seen any good films recently that you could recommend?
    Maybe some of you even have a favourite film that you could tell us about.
    Miss Ash

  4. Happy New 2012 Monty I am in Frankfurt. Last night we had a big party with fireworks for the new year's eve and I drank champagne for kids!!!! What did you do for the holidays?

  5. Hi Cristina. Well done for commenting. I went to Frankfurt for a weekend a long time ago and remember the wonderful Christmas market.
    This year I stayed in Toulouse with my family who came over from England. We did lots of lovely things, including a big party to celebrate the new year.
    See you back at school on Wednesday.
    From Miss Ash

  6. On Friday I went to the airport to go to Spain.The next day I went to the airport to go to Tenerife, where I saw my cousin and I slept there.The next week I went to Madrid where I saw my mummy,Guillaume,Pablo,grandma and grandpa. Then I opened the Christmas presents and I had a dog called Cookie.