Sunday, January 20, 2013

Circus face paints

Our new IPC topic is called 'The Circus is Coming to Town". As the entry point we watched some performances by 'Le Cirque de Soleil'. We read some books about the circus including non-fiction books and 
We looked at pictures of clowns and tried to 'read' their expressions. Working out whether they were happy, sad, puzzled, surprised... We will be painting each other's faces with clown make-up next week, so we each made a plan for our partner to work from.


  1. Wonderful work Year 2!! Are you happy or sad clowns?
    From Miss Ash

  2. Testing - I will be shocked if this has worked!! Fingers crossed.

    Noah's Mummy

  3. Just seeing if this works, commenting on the face painting, which looks great fun. Pity i am not an expert on face painting so i can paint everyones faces
    James P mum