Thursday, November 10, 2011

A letter from Le Ferradou

On Monday Madame Burgaud gave Miss Ash a large brown envelope. Miss Ash asked Iman to open the envelope. Inside we discovered lots of pictures, a letter and a class photo from the CP2 class at Le Ferradou school, Blagnac. Le Ferradou is a French school. This year we will be working on a project together, so they decided to write and introduce themselves. We loved reading their letter and looking at their self-portraits. We wrote letters back to them and Miss Ash is going to post these at the weekend. Here are Cristina, Olivia and Miguel reading out their letters.

Cristina (mp3) Olivia (mp3)
Miguel (mp3)


  1. I loved when Miguel said "I love drawing happy faces"

  2. Living so far away now, I was happy to hear my friends' voices.

  3. I liked how olivia said i am not shy at all

  4. I like Miguel said happy face and he say bye bye