Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our visit to Le Ferradou school

Yesterday we visited our new friends in CP at a local French school called Le Ferradou. They had invited us to spend the whole day with them. When we arrived we introduced ourselves and said where we are from. There were pupils from France, England, Madagascar, Wales, Myanmar, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA and Mexico. What an international lot!

They had been cooking and had made some delicious treats to share with us. We ate these outside and then played some games to get to know each other a bit better.

Then we went back into the classroom where their teacher, Beatrice, showed us how to make Christmas elves for a class advent calendar. We listened carefully to the instructions she gave in French and then we worked hard to make our own elf. All our elves were different colours. Inside each elf the teachers hid surprises for us.

After a picnic lunch together in the sun we played some more games, including number games and parachute games.

Back in class, we presented our posters, letters and self-portraits to the CP pupils.

We have promised that we will invite them to our school for a day, so we need to get busy choosing a date and making the invite.

Thank you to Le Ferradou for such a great day of making and doing in French.


  1. Pablo had a great time. He was delighted with his new french friends and with Christine, " a lovely teacher of Le Ferradou". He loved making the Christmas crafts.
    Bravo Patricia and Miss Ash for such a fantastic day!!!

  2. Niamh had a fun day at Le Ferradou and can not wait to open her Santa on the 6th December!!

  3. We hope you enjoyed visiting the school. It sounds like a lot of fun. From Brigitte from Holy Family

  4. and from New Zealand!!! Rhys had a fab time on this trip.