Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our trip to the Cité de l'Espace

On Tuesday we spent the day at the Cité de l’Espace. The visit was an exciting ‘exit point’ to our IPC topic, Day and Night. It also fitted neatly with ‘People in History’ that is happening this week. Y2 are learning about Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin and the roles they played in the space race. 

One highlight of the trip was role-playing working as astronauts on important missions using the play equipment at Le Parc des Petits Astronauts. We liked the dramatic experience of seeing 3D film all about the Hubble telescope. We also were excited to do some experimenting with water rockets to work out ways to make them fly higher. 

There was a big model of the solar system which we used to compare the different sizes and characteristics of the planets. We got up close to satellites, rockets and actually inside the replica of the Mir Space Station! We noticed lots of interesting things and asked loads of questions. Everyone had and great day in the sun at the Cité de l’Espace. Enjoy the photos.


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're awesome I want see them again. From Ben Room 9 swannanoa school

  2. Hi Year two!

    Wow - I like the bit where you looked out from the Mir space station says Joshua.

    How many times did you make the water rockets fly? says Zak.

    I like the bit where you saw the planets! Says Chloe

    Did you climb on the planets? Was it good or not? Says Sam

    Did you have fun? says Lucy

    How far did your rockets go? Says Harry.

    Tell us something you found out. Says Kaylah

    How did the rockets work? Says William

    Who got wet when you did the rockets? Says Josephine.

    I liked the rocket that you stood behind says Millie.

    Keep sharing!

    Cherry Tree

  3. waooooo!!!!! what a rocket!!!! I would love to go on one of those by Claudia

  4. miss Ash thank you for taking us to cite de le space. GREAT!!!!
    That twisty chute was superb.It was fun controling the rocket!
    by Ambalatharasu.