Monday, January 23, 2012

Footprints and mess

This is what we saw when we came into class on Monday morning!

Someone or something had visited the Y2 classroom and left a terrible mess. There were dusty footprints on the desk and on the floor and the maths resources were scattered all over the carpet.  Year 1 heard the commotion as we exclaimed and puzzled over the mystery and they came to help.  The footprints were good clues. They were about the same size as our feet, so the ‘visitor’ was probably about as tall as us. However, there were only four toes on each foot.
We had lots of good ideas about who the footprints belong to. A yeti, a snow-monster, a dragon, a mouse wearing giant ‘monster –feet’ slippers, an alien, a dinosaur, a huge bat…. We came up with a very long list.
Then Mrs Grenland, who was kindly tidying up the mess, found a smudgy hand-written note. The note gave us some more clues. Like good detectives we noted down all our ideas and, as we did so, we started to piece together an idea of who had visited our classroom. When Dominic heard that the note was signed Max he had a break-through idea. We will write about his idea tomorrow. Meanwhile, what do you think?


  1. Hmm. It sounds as though you had some wild things happening in your classroom! I seem to remember a story about a boy called Max. He had a very good imagination and made up some really interesting creatures when he was sent to his room. I wonder if the Max in that story knows your Max?!
    From Mrs. K at Craigburn

  2. What a great thing to come in to in the morning!

  3. Wow - how exciting! The Woodpeckers were very interested to find out what has been happening in your classroom. Louis guessed that it might have been a wild thing. We are looking forward to learning more about your adventure.

  4. I loved the sorprise and the mystery monday morning!!!
    I tought it was a mooooonster!!!!

  5. I like how on Monday it was super it was a moooonster! love Ryan

  6. I liked how I said hey my bottle! It was fun.