Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Are Wild Things


  1. Wow - please tell us how you made these pictures. They are fantastic - you all look so scary!

  2. What wonderful work! You are fabulous wild things! I will show the children in class tomorrow. They will love looking at this. Hopefully they will have a chance to leave a comment for you! Well done to you all!
    From Miss BB

  3. Miss Ash, the children in your class look so scary!! What wonderful wild things they make. You must have had lots of fun posing for these photos.
    From Mrs. K at Craigburn P.S.

  4. These pictures have come out well! I can almost hear them roaring their terrible roars and gnashing their terrible teeth!

  5. Hello Woodpeckers
    To make the pictures we opened our photos in Paint. Then we saved them as 16-bit colour jpeg files. This changed the colours and allowed us to use the fill tool to fill areas with different colours. We used the paintbrush tool to draw on horns and sharp teeth.
    from Y2

    1. Thank you - it is good to get new ideas from our quadblogging friends.

  6. i love how all year 2 paint the photos into a wild thing!

  7. It was the funest thig I had ever had in my wole life to write the
    BIG WILD WRITE! I wish I could do it again! It was fun. I like Pablo's one it's very funny. I engoyed it. Thank You Miss Ash I had a fantastic time in it.

    From Mimi at IST

  8. Wow - I love all of your Wild Things work. I teach in a year 2 class in Northampton and they would love all of the work you have been doing. You have got very creative teachers.
    Mrs K Lea
    Bridgewater Primary School