Sunday, January 15, 2012

Questions for Woodpecker Class

This week we have been visiting a blog belonging to a Year 2 class in Brighton, England. They are called Woodpecker Class and we have enjoyed reading and looking at photos to do with their topic on London. We wrote a class comment on their blog and we thought of questions to ask them. Miss Ash recorded some of our questions and you can listen to them here.


  1. What fantastic questions you all thought of. I would like to know the answers to them all! You all spoke so clearly and confidently. Well done everyone!
    From Mrs. K.
    Craigburn Primary School
    Adelaide, South Australia

  2. Hello to all our new friends in Y2 at IST in France - here are all the answers to the questions you left on our blog.

    Does playing the spoons hurt? No it dusont becose you can tap it on your leg and its cuvod.

    Did you have fun building lego bridges? Yes we had los of fun and we might use the bigger bricks this week.

    Do you have assemblies? Yes - every school day. Sometimes we have a visiter. Sometimes we think about countrys because somthing realy bad has happened to it. Sometimes we do singing assembly.

    Do you have golden time? We used to have it in year 1 but we don't have golden time in year 2 now. We do have time on Wednesday when we can choose to do our own learning. We like using the roleplay and DT table and drawing best.

    Do you have a class mascot? Yes we have! His name is Barnaby. Evry Friday one persons peca of paper with there name on get pict out of a pot and they take hime home for the weekend. He has a diary and tow bags and cloafs.
    Mrs Bowers has asked us if we would like him to have his own blog page. We need to get that set up so you can all read about Barnaby.

    Thanks you for the brilliant questions you have recorded - we will try and answer them tomorrow.

  3. Hello everyone - today we have been busy making little films to answer your questions but we still need to edit them before we upload them to our blog. Hopefully Mrs Bowers will get them finished tomorrow. Watch this space!

  4. Some of the films have been uploaded on our blog - hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about our school.
    We were wondering how many of you speak French and how many other languages you speak?

  5. Happy February 29th to our Quad blogging buddies!! Have a great day. We hope to do lots of blogging with our school friends around the world.
    From Mrs. K and Room 4 at Craigburn.