Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catching a stone giant

On Monday a stone giant was spotted near our school and Miss Ash heard about it on the French radio. Yesterday, Mrs Greenland was walking her dogs and she believes that she caught a glimpse of the giant but she was too frightened to approach and touch it! We asked her some questions to find out more information about this mystery.

THEN, when Mrs Greenland went to the art room she found this giant letter. 

The mummy giant was asking for our help. We brainstormed ways to catch a stone giant. Gustavo said that we need to find out from an expert more information about stone giants and their habits.
In pairs, we wrote questions for an expert: 
Are you an expert on stone giants? Can you answer our questions? Please help.
Our questions:
How harmful are stone giants?
Have you seen a stone giant? Can you give detail on what they look like?
Do stone giant children speak English?
What animals are stone giants scared of?
What animals do they like?
Where is Stone Giant Land?
What do stone giants eat?
Do stone giants weigh 40kg or more? Please tell us how much the adults and the children weigh.
What do they drink?
What if stone giants are bad?
Should we kill the stone giant?
Has a stone giant been spotted in France before?


  1. Your situation reminds me of a story I once read. It wasn't about a stone giant, it was about a living giant. He lost his pet cat. He was terribly sad about loosing his cat. Because he was a giant, people were scared of him and didn't want to play with him, so he had no friends apart from the cat.

    The giant went around crying and yelling, looking for his cat. The people didn't know that he was crying and yelling because he was sad. They thought he was being mean and nasty. They were getting ready to fight him.

    In the end a little boy found the cat and returned him to the giant. The giant was extremely happy and the people realized that he had a big heart and just wanted some friends.

    This story makes me think that maybe giants are sometimes misunderstood. I think that it's a very good thing that you are finding out more about giants before you decide what to do. Maybe they are not harmful at all. Maybe they just see things a bit differently to us?

    Good luck! I look forward to reading about how your inquiry goes.

  2. I know a story with a giant in it called the BFG (BFG stands for big friendly giant). The BFG is a nice giant but all the other giants in the story are not nice. I wonder if the giant that Mrs Greenland saw was in the BFGs'family ? from Alicia

  3. The Stone Giant.

    The Stone Giant is a type of giant that has become very rare.

    Would you be able to recognise a male Stone Giant if you saw one? In fact, they are very similar to the large majority of giants. Like most giants, they have a long legs, the body of a large man and a huge head. Typically, they are about the size of a house and are often mistaken for an Oak tree. However, a few have been spotted which are much smaller and may easily be mistaken for bushes. The main feature of the male Stone Giant is that its skin peels rather like the bark of a rough tree.

    However, female Stone Giants are slender with silvery skin and pale green hair. For this reason, they often hide amongst willow trees. This allows them to blend in without being seen. Furthermore, these delicate giants have amazing teeth that are like small millstones and are used for grinding their food. Amazingly, they scatter thousands of skin scales as they glide along, rather like autumn leaves.

    Like the Common Giant, the Stone Giant lives in solitary groups. They are very shy and therefore are not often seen. During the daytime, they sleep in forests or small clumps of trees. However, at night, dusk and dawn, Stone Giants emerge and, if you are lucky, can be seen trimming hedges and tending to their gardens. They are easy to detect because they make a low rumbling sound as they breathe. However, if they think they have been sighted they freeze and become indistinguishable from trees.

    Stone Giants have a fairly limited diet. In the main, they live on leaves, bushes, small trees and other forms of vegetation which they grow in the wild. However, they can also be tempted with various fruits and are fond of nuts and garden vegetables. Be careful if you come across a Stone Giant in case it mistakes you for a large form of turnip!

    The most amazing thing about Stone Giants is that if you meet one, it may grant you a magical wish. For this reason, they have been hunted across the world. Sadly, this has only led to them becoming extremely wary. They have become isolated from the company of other giants and over many years some have lost the habit of speech! They communicate by the use of simple, coloured flags and by whistling like the wind blowing through trees. However, a wish from such a giant has to be used for good purposes or it may backfire on the recipient. So, beware!

    Finally, it is worth adding that Stone Giants are often called Tree Giants as they have more to do with forests than mountains and rocky landscapes. The youngsters are more friendly than the adults but have tendency to be curious. You may find one wandering on its own, completely lost. If so, you will need to find a way to trap the young giant without causing it any harm and then take it home.

    Pie Corbett, Giantologist.

  4. Well I saw a really funny thing on the way home from school today. In the sky over Cornebarrieu I saw a complete circular cloud just near the horizon. It was just the outline of a complete circle. When I got home I went to get to my camera and it had disappeared. Do you think the two things could be related? Cornebarrieu is not far from Colomiers. And Winston my dog was behaving strangely. Hmmmm.
    Mrs Grant

  5. Stone giants are very good with rocks. Their special ability is stone throwing and stone catching. They move quite slow because as they are heavy, it will cause earthquakes. And they don't want that because they are nice. They live near the mountains. This giant family must be from the Pyrenees. The Stone Giants are very shy as well.
    They are quite like giants just that they are heavier. THey are very good at defence, but they rarely attack. Stone Giants are usually very nice, but some Giants are bad. Then, Stone Giant officials will put that Giant in an underground dungeon. As they are very big, you shouldn't kill them or attack them. If you do, you will get crushed by a giant hand. Most grown up Giants are as tall as a 2 storied house, and kid Giants are about half that size. Most Stone Giants live very, very, VERY long, about 550 years. They have their own language but they also know some of the language of the land they are living on. This little stone giant might know some French and English. Kid Stone Giants like stones, they eat them like candy. They like to drink natural water, like the water from the spring. School fountain might do. They love tree bark though, grown ups and children, but they don't eat much because humans may be in trouble as their tree is spoilt. So it is a rare treat. They weight a lot. I don't know how much but it would be round about...5 or 6 elephants. And that's only the baby.
    I don't really know how to trap him but...I've got an idea!!! You could meet Mrs Stone Giant, and she will grant you a wish. You can use the wish to make little Stone Giant come back!!
    Hope I helped! And best of the luck, and have fun.
    MiMi's big sister

    1. Ein,
      I've been meaning to reply to thank you for your excellent comment on our blog. We read your ideas in class. The Year 2s loved your descriptive writing and it helped them get really motivated for their own writing.
      Also, we used your idea of the wish to reunite Mrs Stone Giant and her son. Your idea worked wonderfully.
      Thank you

  6. Hi!!!
    I think I know how to trap a Stone Giant, you dig a big hole in the ground then you put a very big sofa next you spray some leaves and sticks after puut some stones on the trap later when the Stone Giant comes it's and falls the deep pit we'll call the Mrs Stone Giant and soon they'll be safe.

  7. Hello Im really Happy the wish has come true

  8. Hmm how interesting! After looking at your replies there seem to be a lot of people who know a great deal about stone giants. They are new to me. Are there any in museums? Do you know if the mum has found her boy yet? I hope she does.
    From Mrs. K

  9. Wow! How exciting and a little bit scary.
    I don't know much about Stone Giants but I do know that when I met Mr Pie Corbett in London in January he seemed like an honest man so as he is an expert on the subject of giants I would trust that what he says must be true. Good Luck with your quest.
    By the way the Woodpeckers are reading the BFG at the moment - we are only part of the way through it but I will ask them on Monday if they have any ideas about stone giants to add.

  10. I wish I find a stone giant so I wish to have a cow

    1. Why do you want to have a cow Irene? Maria

  11. I didn't know you did some wishes. Maria

  12. Hi I heard about a stone giant but it was in a movie but it was a stone giant and it had a little boy to. Where is stone giant land?

  13. I thort that i saw a gigantic shadow in the woods.

  14. Hi this is Iris. Your blog is really cool! I wish I could learn about stone giants. I am in 3rd grade. I live in Rochester N.Y. I wonder if you can find the lost boy?

  15. I like the note from the stone giant. The note was huge. That reminds me of games with elementals. What is your favorite computer game?