Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday's writing

During our Monday morning guided reading lesson the pupils who are not working on reading with Miss Ash or Mrs Greenland work instead on independent writing.  Sometimes we write a letter to Monty, or other times a recount of our weekend. This week we were given the title 'In the garden' and had 30 minutes writing time. Click below to listen to Maria and Niamh read out their writing. 

Maria "In the garden" (mp3)
Niamh "In the garden" (mp3)


  1. Thank you Niamh for letting me know what happens after dark. I will try to find the fairies tonight in my garden. Do they have special places to hide away from parents?

    Rhys' mum

  2. Dear Maria and Niamh, I loved your stories !

    Maria's story reminds me of what happened to a girl whose name begins with an A. Do you know who I mean ?
    Did she inspire you for writing your beautiful story ?
    Bye for now.
    Cécile, Alicia's mum