Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Which glue sticks the best?

We have been learning about buildings. The bricks are 'glued' together with cement. In school we use different types of glue. We did an investigation to find out whether all glues have the same ability to stick. 
First, we stuck 4 buttons onto card. We used PVA, glue gun, UHU stick and a 'homemade' glue, which was a paste of flour mixed with water. When the four glues were dry we held our card upside down to see if any buttons would fall off.  
At first they didn't but the next day some of the buttons did fall off. We all got different results but with one thing in common - none of the buttons stuck with glue from the glue gun fell off!
Also, one glue really surprised us. Do you know which one?


  1. I think the glue gun sticks the best. I like to stick the flower water and the glue stick and the pva glue. I loved to do that with the glues. Irene.

  2. I knew that it was the glue gun because it is very hot and after a while it was hard so it can't move. Maria