Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bikes in School!

Today we brought our bikes and scooters into school. While we were in our French lesson, Miss Ash and Mrs Greenland went outside and drew a road system with chalk onto the playground. There were T-junctions, zebra crossings and roundabouts. They put out lots of road signs to help us find our way and stay safe. After French, we all went into the playground and worked in groups taking it in turns to sketch our bikes, to carry out a bike-check and to ride around on the roads. We learnt loads about road signs, about the details on our bikes (we had to look very carefully as we sketched) and about how to ride safely and confidently. But most importantly, we had wonderful fun!
Bike day -IPC Transport Topic on PhotoPeach


  1. Hi year two,

    I really enjoy riding my bike. I hope you had lots of fun.

    From Brigitte.

  2. I liked how everyone tried their best. It was funny when I saw myself in the video. I liked the video so much. I hope everyone likes it.

  3. I liked wen i saw my self in the video puting my hands in the air

  4. I liked how cristina smiled in the video.