Friday, October 14, 2011

Our recount

We performed this recount of our trip to Toulouse at our assembly today. Lots of people asked if it could go on the blog, so we recited it one last time back in class and took a video. Here it is...


  1. Hi Year 2,

    My class in Australia have visited your blog this week and I wanted to formally introduce ourselves. My class is Year 1/2D at Holy Family Primary School, Mount Waverley. We are about 20 minutes out from the city of Melbourne.

    Our school year is different to yours. We begin at the end of January and finish school this year on the 22nd December. Next year we will be in different classes in Year 2 and Year 3.

    I really like your mascot the mole. My class also have a mascot called Horton the Elephant (a Dr. Seuss character). he goes home with a different child each week and together they fill in his writing journal to share with the class. it is very exciting to see what adventures Horton has had for the week.

    We look forward to writing many comments on your blog.
    Best Wishes from Miss Dickson

  2. Great idea to post the recount, especially for those of us that couldn't make it to the assembly.
    Alicia's mum

  3. I'm really impressed with how well you remembered all that, Year 2! I guess the actions help?

  4. Having gone with the children on the trip to Toulouse, this was an excellent recount of the day. The actions really make it exciting. I was also very tired when I got home!

  5. Its great that i can see what my necice Alicia is doing in school as i live in England .
    Alicia Auntie

  6. It was good to hear about the children's visit into Toulouse-the actions too were excellent. Well done
    Alicia's grandma

  7. We loved watching this again and Rhys' Dad loved having a chance to see and hear the recount.

  8. Thanks for all these encouraging comments! from Miss Ash