Monday, October 10, 2011

How to comment on a blog post

Here is a little video that might help you get started. Remember to check the blog guidelines for guidance with comments.


  1. Hi year 2

    Great Reading about your dragons.

    From Brigitte holy family Melbourne.

  2. Hi Year 2,

    Our class have really enjoyed exploring your blog today. We have written you some comments. We are in Year 1/2D at Holy Family School. Our School is in Mount Waverly in the city of Melbourne, Australia. We are 7 and 8 years old. Our teacher is Miss Dickson.

    Our school year is different to yours. We started the current school year in February and finish on the 20th December. Next year we will be in Year 2 and Year 3.

    We really liked your class mascot - the mole. We too have a class mascot. It is Horton the Elephant (a Dr. Seuss character). Horton goes home with each student for one week and together they complete an entry in Horton's Journal. So far this year Horton has visited the zoo, gone bike riding, seen the movie Cars 2 and met lots of new friends.

    Best Wishes from Year 1/2D and Miss Dickson

  3. Hello
    Year 1/2D and Miss Dickson. I was thrilled to see all your comments. The Y2s have gone home for the day but tomorrow morning I will show them all your enthusiastic feedback. Have you got a class blog that we could visit? It would be great to read about your adventures with Horton the Elephant.
    Best wishes
    Miss Ash