Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Venn Diagrams in Maths

Today our Maths lesson was about sorting data on a Venn diagram. We worked in pairs and below is an example showing Rhys and Jesse's work. Thanks to BEAM for a great activity idea.

Then Miss Ash had an email from Mr Noble, who teaches Maths in Secondary, saying that his class had made a huge Venn diagram on the playground. He was inviting other classes to add their information. We rushed over with our chalk! Their Venn diagram was more complicated than ours (it had 4 circles) so we spent some time working it out. Then we added our information about what we had for breakfast, by drawing a stick person in the correct place.
Here are some pictures of us working:

Thanks to Mr Noble and his students for including us. We love being in a school where Primary and Secondary can share ideas and learning.


  1. it was awesome !

  2. I liked working with MR Noble, he is very nice.

  3. I loved when I drew myself on the diagram!