Friday, October 7, 2011

Our dragons

Today Miss Ash read us this story 
and then we searched the classroom for dragon eggs. Everyone found one and we watched our tiny dragons hatch out. Afterwards we did some writing where we described our dragons.
Listen to Rhys P read his work to the class.
Listen to Lauren read her description. 


  1. What great dragons you found! I enjoyed hearing about the ones Rhys and Lauren found!

  2. I liked Lauren's dragon because I liked how she spoke about her dragon.

  3. Hi year 2,
    Are the dragons real or not? How long have had your dragons for?
    From Nicholas & Kobi at Holy Family Primary School.

  4. Great descriptions of Dragons. I Like Lauren's water dragon. From Ellie at Holy Family Primary School

  5. Hi grade 2's
    I like your dragon descriptions. I would love to hear some more.
    From Trent at Holy Family School in Victoria, Australia

  6. Hi year 2
    I tink your dragons are great and fantastic.
    By zara at Holy Family School.

  7. I like dragons. I have seen a dragon mark before in a mine. From Sabina at Holy Family School

  8. Hi Year 2,
    That activity sounds super fun. I would
    really like to do that. Where did you get the dragons from? How long did they take to hatch? Bye for now,
    From Xavier and Logan at Holy Family School

  9. Great dragon descriptions Rhys and Lauren. I would love to meet your dragons!