Monday, April 30, 2012

Dragon by Cristina

Once upon a time their was a baby Dragon on the Iland.  She even did not have milk, a home or even a oner. On Tusday she had an oner, milk and a home.  Her name was elena and the Dragons name was clover. One day she left from the house the Dragon was just 10 years old the oner was gone for ever she even did not come back never. The Dragon was sick.


  1. I like your story about your Dragon I like when she has milk and home.
    By Claudia

  2. Hello Cristina! You have got so many ideas in these sentences. Yo have given lots of thought to your dragon story. Very well done! I hope you will join 5SC again!

  3. Good rightin Cristina. I carnt believe my eyes by Liam