Monday, April 30, 2012

Pablo's dragon writing

I am in awe of dragons they spit fire at there prey. I think dragons exist because in China there’s a Chinise Dragon. They live sometimes in castles with the King.  My Dragon lives in Japan and his favourite food is Shushi. In Japan he is in Mount Mina-beaucoup.


  1. Wow - you thought of 5 excellent sentences. Congratulations on being Showcased! Your first sentence is my favourite because of the picture you made me imagine. Well done, Pablo, and keep Blogging! Mrs Chadbond, High Lawn

  2. Those are great ideas. I love sushi too. Do you think your dragon would share his dinner with me? I like your word choices especially at the opening of your writing.

    Miss Ramaker

  3. Of course my dragon can for dinner:) But ive moved a year up and I dont have miss ash any more:(PabloY3