Thursday, April 5, 2012


In our art lessons we looked at paintings of buildings by the Austrian artist and architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His pictures of brightly coloured buildings inspired us to create own artwork. We made some sketches then created our final piece on the computer using the program Paint.


  1. Hello Miss ash i'm sad my picture is not there. Im having fun with monty

    1. Hello Pablo,
      Well done for visiting the blog and I'm glad you and Monty are having fun. It is a bit of a puzzle that your picture is missing. I'm sorry about that. When we are back at school we'll look for it and add it to the slide show.
      Have a great holiday,
      Miss Ash

  2. Hello Miss Ash in a picture that Hundertwasser did he put lots of ditailes on all of his pictures. I don't know how he did the busy pictures but I didn't want to do that picture because it was very dificult so I did the easy one. And Pablo are you having a nice holiday with Monty? I'm having a nice holiday and what about you Miss Ash. Maria

  3. I thinck the best picture is jacqes picture because it made me laugh.
    By miguel

  4. Hello, in the pictures of Hundertwasser in my picture the roof looks like a hut and I like the happy face of Nathan's picture. Gustavo

  5. My holiday with Monty so far has been great. The first day, Monty and I went to Andorra by car. When we arrived there Monty, my brother, my sister and I went to a very nice hotel with a spa. But they didn't let me in because I had to be 14 years old, so i went to a kids club instead. The next day I had breakfast in a big buffet and Monty grabbed and ate lots of jam.
    What have you been doing in the holidays? i hope you had lots of fun,


  6. Hello! I am a Deputy head from Moorlands Federation in Bath, England and part of your blog quad. I love your artwork. You have taken so much care with your mouse to create some really beautiful pictures. Well done!

    Mr Rockey