Monday, April 30, 2012

Niamh's dragon

My Dragon’s is called Megan.  When I go to the shop Megan follows me on the way  Megan goes to Dragon school.  I love my loyal because she spits rainbow fire.  I ride on Megan to IST and I love my school IST.  My name is Niamh.  I love my name.

Claudia's writing

Helo, I am a Which and I have a dragon my dragons name is Mata.  Mata have a dog.

Dominic's dragon

My dragon is harmless and it cant breeth.  But its breth it smells and he has spueeks  lik prilckles.  But wet if Dragon do exilst?

Iman's dragon

My dragon helps me to draw.  He likes to eat fish.  At night he sleeps in my bed.

Dragons by Sanika

Dragon’s are famous in China.  Dragon’s have sharp theet as litel peises of glas.  It’s eyes are as big as a large critel.

Alicia's dragon writing

Dragon’s live in cave’s and some live in mountain.  My favrot one has a head as big as a volcano.  His favrot sport is football and his name is Jack.

Pablo's dragon writing

I am in awe of dragons they spit fire at there prey. I think dragons exist because in China there’s a Chinise Dragon. They live sometimes in castles with the King.  My Dragon lives in Japan and his favourite food is Shushi. In Japan he is in Mount Mina-beaucoup.

Dragons by Mimi

Dragons are the most powerful and fire-breathing creatures that are the rarest in the world.  Some build their nests with glittering and shining jewlery.  They can rescue people in remote places.  For some enermy they shoot larva or snow crystals.  In fire emergensies or in emergensies they’re alwise here to help.

Olivia's dragon writing

My Dragon she is fierce.  Her home is in the Forbidin City.  Her name is Fiona.  Everyone obeys her. And she loves her dog.

Maria's dragon writing

I’m a which and my name is called Ana and I’ve got a baby pet dragon and shes called Lauren.  I live in a catsle and the catsle is called Labroratory that means theres lot of glasses with potioncred, blue, pink, orange and green.  So Ana picks the blue and pink potion and it that the little spider is going to be her servant.  Then the day the spider sais “Why did you said yesterday that I am going to be a servant?”  “Well because you’ve been noty to my bay pet” said the Which.  But then she went furious and she didn’t wait more so she transform her into a servant!

Dragon by Cristina

Once upon a time their was a baby Dragon on the Iland.  She even did not have milk, a home or even a oner. On Tusday she had an oner, milk and a home.  Her name was elena and the Dragons name was clover. One day she left from the house the Dragon was just 10 years old the oner was gone for ever she even did not come back never. The Dragon was sick.

My Dragon by Jacques

I have a pet Dragon.  It is calld exploding bottle becus when it spits fier it macs a big expshen. The teeth are as sharp as the moast shapest thing in the world.  He lives in the  ruins because he leks the ruins.  It is full of sharpnes.

Dragons by Jesse

I love dragons because they can fle 1000 kilometers an hour!  I wish I could ride on one it would be so fun.  I also love dragons because they breath very hot fire! There wings  are so beautiful like gold!  Dragons are very very frightene.

Dragon by Ryan

Dragon are fierce and frightened.  Dragon live in caves and some live in New York. They have pointy teeth.  He has a rilly long tail.  He has rilly long wings.

Drogon the dragon by Rhys

Once upon a time there was a Dragon. It’s name is Drogon. It is as gold as the sun. It is as giant as I.S.T. And it is as boiling as a volcano.

Isabel's dragon writing

My Dragon is called Elly and she is very nice but sometimes she is angry with other people and she is a rainbow dragon and some times she shoots out rainbow fire at the bad gise.  She livse in Span.  I love her.

Irene's dragon writing

My name is Irene.  I have a dragon pet.  He’s got faire inside him.  He go flying to place to place and he has sharp teeth. He like to eat maet he has a big tail he loves to run and I loves my Dragon.  My Dragon sleeps in the flor in a blanket.  I all wase tace him to the park.

Lukman's dragon writing

The dragon is real because he had a sharp teeth. He can fire the people. He can fire the house. If he fire the house and people inside will get dead.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wax-resist art

We have nearly finished our IPC topic 'Structures'. Our final art task was to create wax-resist pictures of local buildings. Miss Ash had planned to take us sketching in Pibrac but as it was not possible we sketched from photos instead. Look how hard we are thinking about our work.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our new topic

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. We are all looking forward to our new IPC topic - The Olympics.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


In our art lessons we looked at paintings of buildings by the Austrian artist and architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His pictures of brightly coloured buildings inspired us to create own artwork. We made some sketches then created our final piece on the computer using the program Paint.

Sketching the school

We have been looking closely at our school building. We went for a walk around the whole campus, including the Secondary school. Some children were surprised by how BIG our school is. We took photos of the parts of the building we found interesting and then we did some sketches. Some of us tried to use view-finders to focus on the area that we were sketching.
Look at our photos. Do you think our school is old or modern? How can you tell? What materials can you see? What do you like about our school building? If you could work with an architect to improve our school building what would you add/change?

Our day with friends from Le Ferradou

On Tuesday our friends from the local French school, Le Ferradou came to spend the day with us.  We worked together on the show we are preparing, 'Babaka et la cruche sacrée'. Some of us rehearsed the songs and dances, other practised our speaking parts and a third group made posters to advertise the show to our parents and friends. 
In the afternoon we worked as a big group to make Easter chicks. We spoke to our partners in a mixture of English and French! We gave them a present of a book we had made and they gave us a picture book by an author they are working with called Magdelena. We can't wait to read it.